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Stuck in Offline Mode. (Galaxy S2 running ICS)

Stuck in Offline Mode. (Galaxy S2 running ICS)

I seem to have been stuck in offline mode ever since i upgraded to ICS operating system for my Samsung Galaxy S2.  Nothing I do can get me to get it back online.  The only reason why I am a premium member is to listen to music on the go and not just offline songs. I like to listen certain playlists at the gym and while on long commutes.  


How common is this issue and is there any fix available now or in the near future?  If not this service is no longer useful to me and I will have to cancel my subscription because right now its not getting any use.   

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Are you connected to Wifi or using 3G/4G connections? This should be an issue. I'm using a Galaxy Note with 4.0.4 OS and works like a charm. Have you tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it? Go to options -> put it to offline mode and then remove the tap from offline mode.

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