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Stuck in Offline Mode, will quit using spotify if not fixed.

Stuck in Offline Mode, will quit using spotify if not fixed.

Hi I have a subscription at Spotify, just so that I can sync stuff to my phone. However, I've been stuck in offline mode for days and I've tried all the "solutions" provided on this website and nothing works.


I'm tired of the app being broken..


I'll unsubscribe from spotify this month unless this isn't fixed. It's redicilous that I pay Spotify and nothing works. It's shameful. 

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Mine hasnt been working since yesterday on my Android platform on my tablet.  I pull it up like usual and there is nothing.  Is this a widespread issue?


I believe that is my problem as well, I started a new thread before fully understanding my issue, but I believe it's stuck in offline mode too. For me, once I'm off WiFi I have all tracks (except those I synced offline) greyed out and says "Track not Available" when I try to play them. At the bottom of my phone it says "Offline Mode". I have all settings correct with offline mode "off"


I know we had a couple of issues with browsing over the weekend, but nothing to do with streaming from what I am aware... Are you able to login today?
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Well, everything seems to work now. Thanks!

Same problem here..
Have been using my account on Iphone and Android, after my Iphone died i tried using it on my HTC again.. but it's stuck in offline mode no matter what I do!
Have tried re-installing Spotify on my HTC to see if that solved the problem but it stays the same.., Help please! 

I've had some problems. Clearly in my options offline mode is off and yet I can't browse for music or any other stuff that requieres internet. Even tho my internet is fully working spotify will tell me there's been a problem you don't have internet conection

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