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Stuck in offline mode?

Stuck in offline mode?

What I currently do when this happens is create a new playlist from the spotify app (mobile). After this i'm instantly back online and able to everything I should be supposed to.

Hope this helps anyone! Sorry if this has already been posted 100 times..

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How do I create a playlist on android(feeling stupid!) ? My spotify keeps switching from offline and online, tried everything but this.

Go to Playlists and touch the + (plus) button on the top right corner.


I must say that this hasn't solved it for me though. I had to log out, log in back...and all my downloaded playlists where "undownloaded"...

Using Galaxy Tab and doesn't have any "+"button on the screen. Can any of the staff answere why it's not working in the first place, should be about time to release a spotify app for tablets!

That has to be a bug then, because I can create playlists on my Asus Transformer.

Getting the exact same problem here on a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Logging out and in is a quick fix but v annoynig if this has to be done repeatedly

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