Stuttering when display is turned off


Stuttering when display is turned off


Spotify is playing fine untill i turn the display off, then it starts to stutter on my samsung s6, it plays fine on all my other devices.

Ive tried turning of battery monitoring for the app, ive tried clearing all cache and data, reinstalled the app. Deleted all offline devices, and nothing worked! Im paying each month for this, and since i cant seem to find a phoneline where i can actually get some help, il have to post here. And dont link me some b.s "solution" thread, ive tried everything ive found, so either give me a legit solution or some way to contact spotify directly if not dont

bother answering. 

In case the question pops up: no other music or soundproducing app on my phone has this problem.

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Re: Stuttering when display is turned off

Hi @Sebyo!


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Let's try this out: go to your phone's Settings > Battery > tap the three-dot icon at the top Battery optimization > tap the drop-down arrow > All apps > Spotify > Don't optimize.
I suggest you try a clean reinstall and see if it helps. This usually fixes most problems 🙂
Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache.
Let us know how it goes with this!

Re: Stuttering when display is turned off

Casual Listener

To whoever answer to the original message. He already said he did the battery optimisation, he cleaned the cached, and you go and ask exactly to do that? Not very helpful...