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Switch between offline and online

Switch between offline and online

Why is there no switch to allow me to go online when I have an internet connection?  The "offline" switch appears when I'm online, but disappears otherwise, forcing me to try searching for something to get it to prompt the "go online" option.  Can't we just have it go online when we have an online connection, and go offline when we don't?  Or at least keep the switch available? 

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Are you referring to the 'Offline' slider switch at the top of the settings menu? ("When you go offline, you'll only be able to play the music you've downloaded")


This should always be visible in the settings menu, regardless of whether you are online or offline.


However, this should always be switched to off, unless you specifically want to prevent Spotify connecting (example, you are doing other online activities with your device and don't want Spotify using bandwidth for music queued for download).

You don't need to switch that function on to play your downloaded music offline.


Simple summary: leave it switched off. That way Spotify should automatically connect whenever your device is connected to an internet source. Only switch it on to deliberately prevent Spotify connecting. 

Thanks for your response.  I am indeed referring to that Offline slider switch, but it isn't always visible in the settings menu.  It disappears from its place at the top, and can't be found anywhere in the settings menu. This is the problem, because when I have an internet connection available, and want Spotify to connect and download or search for new music, I can't just go to this switch and turn it off (online).  When I do turn it on (offline), its to prevent my enture library from entering my play queue -  I prefer to limit the selection on my phone to just the offline content.

Very strange that it disappears! It is definitely there on my device when I am both on and offline.


I leave the slider permanently off on both of my devices. I restrict the downloaded content on each of my devices using the 'Available Offline' slider for each album and playlist. This way I can have different downloaded content on each.

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