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Switching facebook profile between accounts

Switching facebook profile between accounts

I have only recently started using spotify, created an account using my email address and activated a 60 day trial.

Within the time I have been using it, I had a moment of "the world is against me" and created a second free profile with a second email address and linked my Facebook profile to said second acount.
Now, here lies my problem.
I dont want two profiles, but I can't work out how to deactivate the second account, or unlink facebook from said account.

I have contacted support and posted on Facebook sharing the page, with hopes of help and have only been directed here.

Is there a way for me to deactivate a profile that I am oblivious too and cannot see?
Is there also a way to switch the profile facebook is linked too?

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

Did you use the online contact form? Once you've submitted that someone at Spotify can deactivate your account.


Once you get the automated reply directing you here, make sure to reply to it directly even if it's from a no-reply, and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

There is also a tutorial here, don't think it has anything extra but take a read if you want.



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