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Syncing over Sprint 4G

Syncing over Sprint 4G

I have had the exact same problem as described here: and seeing that it has been months, I would like to know if this problem has been fixed. I don't live in a 4G area, so I couldn't tell you, but I got my phone in a 4G area, and I vacation in 4G areas, which is where I would need it most, since I can usually use WiFi at home.

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Sadly Syncing over 4G doesn't appear to be entirely function yet. 3G or WiFi should work just fine, however.

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Many users have been asking for this since the first Android app was released. I just downloaded the new preview app and it still doesn't support 4G downloads. Seeing as the type of network connection does not change the way downloads work, this should be a fairly trivial fix. It's ridiculous that this has not been fixed yet.



This is a problem for me too... 😕

Added syncing over 4G to the wish list:

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Thanks, licenced!

Thanks, I was hoping it would be fixed in the preview app, but I guess not. Hopefully it will be added by the official release.

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