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Syncronizing files

Syncronizing files

Hello. I have various issues concerning the syncronisation of my MP3-Files on my Android, I would be happy if you could help. 

First of all: The way I do it is, as the official online tutorial says, I select the files from the folder, add them to a playlist, download the playlist to my device and add the songs to my library. Now the first issue is that some non-Spotify files are matched with a wrong tag of a Spotify title. How could I change this manually so all of my songs are added correctly? 

Secondly, the non-Spotify songs can be downloaded but not added to my albums. Actually, I can add them and they are shown as "added" in the playlist, but I can't see them in my albums. Any ideas?


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Hi. The only way to prevent spotify matching a local file to their database is to rename the song and change the metadata. Adding a short prefix like "x" to the title is the usual fix.

Spotify won't add music to "albums" unless the album exists in their database.

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