Takes over full lockscreen - can't unlock!


Takes over full lockscreen - can't unlock!


The Spotify Android app puts its artwork all over the lockscreen on my Samsung S4 Mini. I have poor vision, and with the artwork there I can't see the keypad to unlock the phone. That means I can't use the phone or even stop Spotify - my only solution is to remove and replace the phone battery. Presumably there's a way to stop this behaviour (none ofbthe charities for the visually impaired seem to have launched a class action lawsuit!) but I can't find it. How do I stop Spotify coming up on the lockscreen (or at least limit it to an area away from the keypad)?

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Unfortunately there's no way to block it updating the stock lock screen, however you can install a lock screen from the Play Store which will allow more customisation as well as the ability to stop it being updated 🙂


Have a read of this link to get some idea of the best lockscreen's available for Android: http://www.androidauthority.com/best-android-lock-screen-apps-lock-screen-replacement-apps-565514/

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