Terrible performance on Android


Terrible performance on Android








(Samsung Galaxy 8 plus)

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(Android 9)


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Is anyone experiencing a terrible slowness sometimes using Spotify app in Android? By slowness I mean: search and click on a song to have it played, it will take 1 to 2 minutes to start playing; go to your local library, it will take 1 to 2 minutes for your playlists to load; search for an album and click on it, it will take 1 to 2 minutes to open it. This does not have every time but it's happening more and more often.


Pretty much any operation can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to process. This is completely unacceptable. Do not try to blame my internet please, this has happened with my 4.5g, my home and work wi-fi as well as outside wi-fi spots. Different connections, same behavior.


I appreciate any help. I would not like to switch to another player but I can't stand the current experience which I pay for it.




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Music Fan

Bingo bango bongo.


Add to that settings are taking forever or not loading; app is crashing; minutes to load images for playlists etc. App hangs and entire phone freezes until Spotify reports a crash. Google Play reviews same thing - yet not seeing more complain here.

Took a while but was able to turn on "offline" but that didn't solve all the issues. I then decided to (gulp - since I have to waste time/bandwidth downloading many GBs) uninstall and reinstall - to no avail. I uninstalled Thursday evening - and reinstalled this evening - same performance issues.


If I were to guess - they migrated an untested version to production and rolled it out and now we suffer. That is one giant PITA with Google Play. First, you either turn off auto-update and manually deal with hundreds of apps - or you let it auto-update and this happens. I prefer they allow us to disable auto-updates for specific apps PLUS give us the ability to go back to a previous version (back to 1-3 older versions where practical). 


My issue with it being slow and crashing was so bad, that my regular music player (Neutron) was constantly pausing/playing the music - where Spotify was hogging all resources. I uninstalled eventually (after force stopping many times) and it even took out all bluetooth connects (the system was negatively impacted that much). I reinstalled tonight to post a message on play - but if it is killing the unit otherwise, I will again uninstall and wait.


One wonders (I do) - what about all the employees of Spotify - don't they not immediately see this issue and do something about it? To me Spotify should roll out a previous version and fix the problem. 



Re: Terrible performance on Android


Same same in Galaxy tab a. Im surely gonna quit my premium Account if nothing ist going to Happen within the next Weeks!

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Hi @pabhb,


Thanks for taking the time to give us this info!


Please check this post out, follow the steps in the exact same order as given there and let me know if it helps.

We're here for you :)

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