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Text messages delayed on phone

Text messages delayed on phone

I've searched and searched and cant find anything related to my issue.


My previous phone (LG G5) was having bad issues with texts dissapearing or being delayed.  I got so fed up with it, i upgraded to an LG G6.  Now im getting the same text messages issue.


I've been troubleshooting this for weeks.... and i've come to notice that this seems to only happen when i install spotify on the phone.  I know it sounds crazy... but like i said ive been troubleshooting it for weeks going on months.  if i dont have spotify ont he phone... the text messages have worked fine for up to a week.  as soon as I install spotify, the text messaging delays will begin in as soon as 3 hours.


does anyone have ANY ideas?  I've talked to my carrier and have done so much as a phone factory reset (both phones) and it still hasnt cured the issue.





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