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The Android app is TERRIBLE!!!

The Android app is TERRIBLE!!!

Dear Spotify staff,


I hope you noticed, but the Android app is extremely buggy and terrible in terms of settings and such, the iPhone app seems to be way better...


My question is; can we see a update in the near future that solves all these bugs and give us the same quality as the iPhone app has?


This sure isn't a way to treat your Android customers! We get no info about any progress or something...


I'm sure you will lose quite a big chunk of customers (including me) if this doesn't get any better in the very near future.



I hope this can be solved soon,



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I agree. Please spotify, we need a better android app, and a tablet version. It will be also a plus getting g7

Signed up on the Spotify Premium Android app 48 hour trial here.


It's been refusing to play tracks over and over until I reboot my phone, though it's not long until it starts doing it again and have to yet again reboot my phone. Usually happens when I toggle next to much.

I do like the idea of Spotify on Android and it's really cool and all, but I won't be paying for it. Not now that I know what it's like.

The android app and like every software in the world have bugs. There is no bug free software in the world. Software can work 100% on certain devices, but as long as the devices varry from 1 to another, OS is customized by different vendors, 3rd party software can cause issues, - until all these are solved, no software will work 100% on all devices in the world and with all software you have installed on the device.

Sure Spotify tries to fix issues if they can figure out whats the problem.
For me Spotify works fine on iPad, Droid, Windows, so these are still isolated incidents even tho a lot of people might complain about same issues here on the forum.

A newer version is in the mix, but no idea when it will be released. This should bring new features and surely fix bugs so we can only hope & pray stuff will go better.

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