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The Play Queue only take 80 songs

The Play Queue only take 80 songs

I have some playlists with more than 80 songs, but when i want to play one  the Play Queue only take 80 songs and i can´t listen all my playlist on the same play queue. 

It hapen on my PC and my android

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Same problem here. This issue is really annoying, and obliges me to consider other streaming options besides spotify.

Maybe this is some kind of bug. I haven't faced this kind of issue and my solution propotion might be useless, but I started to play my own playlist and I checked the queue and I noticed that there were only 80 or even less songs in queue at a same time, but still the spotify played the whole playlist from start to finnish. 

So yeah like I said my advice is maybe far-fetched and useless, but I think you should not care about that what you see in the queue and just let the playlist go forward. It still should play all songs from the playlist.

spotify please fix this issue 

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