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The Worst App in the World EVER

The Worst App in the World EVER

This must be the worst music app in android right now. It locks app constantly when skipping tracks, independent of the connection or whether the music is stored on the device.

It is really frustrating to use it and even more frustrating to know you are paying premiun services that do not deleiver as expected. I am really fed up with it and considering migrating to google play.

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Sounds painful. What device, android version and spotify version are you using?

I am using a Sony Xperia Z, Android 4.3 and Spotify Additionally I have also tried the app on a Samsung galaxy s2, Android 4.1.2 with identical results.

Hi. This can happen sometimes after an upgrade. Often, deleting the cache from the spotify options screen helps. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling.

Thanks for your answer but I recently did a fresh install due to having sent the phone to servicing and I got it returned factory wiped. It did not make any difference at all: the usual lock ups when skipping tracks.

Nevertheless I will try it anyhow and report back.

Reinstalling and cache deleting made a slight improvement: lock ups happen less often and last less. At the moment I have downloaded just one playlist, I will try to download a few more and see what happens.

Also one thing that is really annoying is that at the start of every song there is a small glitch, similar to a a little CD skip. Is this a copy protection method? It really gets on ones nerves.

It realy does feel like the app needs some finetuning yet for it to be enjoyable. I really can´t imagine what a nightmare it must be to use the app on a low or medium end device.

Do you still get the "glitch" with all equalisers, including spotify's audio effects, turned off?

I have no effects or equalisers turned on. The only thing I have on is the "Allow playing with no spaces between tracks". I am turning it off now and I will report back.

I´ve been trying all sorts of things to see if it improves: using another phone, a single playlist, diferent sound options and whatever you can imagine. It seems to me the app itself is buggy and not yet 100% smooth on android phones:


* Heavy and laggy app in general terms

* Small glitches/jumps when skipping to the next track

* Every so often the app kind of hangs and becomes unresponsive although the music keeps on playing, a few seconds later it responds

* When using random play, no matter how big the playlist is, some songs will be repeated, specially if you stop play and retake it later on


Other similar apps work flawlessly. I guess we'll have to wait for the app to be polished in future builds.

Ugh... I get the "same song twice" thing from time to time too - also happens for me after playing again from a long stop, as if it forgets the playlist it's running when it goes to resume the last-played song, and thinks "OH GEE! Next song to be played is this same song again! Sounds legit!". Skipping goes, appropriately, to the next random song, but it's kind of an oversight for sure.


As for performance, though, generally I don't have much trouble... I've got an HTC One S from yesteryear, definitely not stock. Only major deal-breaker I have with Spotify right now (0.7.9) is the audio "ducking" issue everyone's complaining about in the next thread down, which is getting so little attention from developers it's left a lot of people wondering if Spotify even gives a flying F about Android.

Well, not 100% sure is the worst app in the world EVER but you might certainly be on to something 😉


With all the Android apps running fine without issues around, the Spotify app has certainly had it's share of issues. At times it has been totally unusable due to network issues, at times it simply crashes all the time. The UI design has been bad always. To be honest, it's surprisingly tricky and bad looking application on desktop too. The friendly help guys here tell us to contact the support, the support is totally clueless repeating the same old delete data, reinstall, restart mantra. When they cannot find a reason to some behavior or fix it, they tell you that it's not supported on your version of your device. If I wasn't stuck with certain miserable piece of Spotify integrated hardware, I'd change to Google Play Music right now.


Thanks for this opportunity to let some steam out 🙂

The "worst app ever" thing comes out of pure frustration. Listening to music is supposed to be fun and relaxing but at times this app really does get to me.

When I open my app it shows me that I need to download the newer version. 


I did download the newer version but the same message appears everytime I open the app. 

I need to actually open the app from the google play store and not from the app icon on my phone screen. 


I am using version

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