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The app stops working entirely

The app stops working entirely

I've been using the app for the last 10 days. It's only happened once. It's the most frustrating app I have ever used. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is more than capable of running any app on the play store.


So what happened was:

1. Paused Spotify.

2. Went to do some house work.

3. Came back to Spotify after about an hour of being paused, the notification entry was still present.

4. Tried to press play, it did not play. Close the app and open it from the app drawer.

5. Can't load any pages. Library just inifinitely loads. Pressing play does nothing. Pressing next does nothing. Pressing home just infinitely loads again. Pressing settings button does nothing.

6. Checked internet connection, everything working like normal. Try Spotify on the PC, it works fine.

7. Force close the app. Clear the app's cache.

8. Open Spotify, see #5.

9. Restart phone and clear Dalvik Cache (I'm rooted w/ custom recovery)

10. Once phone is started up, open Spotify app. See #5. 

11. Only other option? Uninstall the app.

12. Reinstalled app. Log back in. Everything works again.


All 8 hundred and something songs were deleted when I uninstalled the app. I have never seen an app behave like this before, and the fact that I have to redownload all my saved songs is extremely unbelivable. I have a limited internet connection and having to do this burns away bandwidth and slows everything else down in the house. Next time I'm going to back up the data folder, but I shouldn't even have to do this.


This is not my only issue with the app. I'm experiencing pauses, skips, and freezing. It  all happens randomly with no explanation. The app is extremely unreliable.


EDIT1: Oh, I should also mention the app burns through nearly 50% of my battery in a day, and I have an extended 6400mAh battery. Again, no other app does this.


EDIT2: Here's another one: Chromecast. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
1. Randomly disconnects from Chromecast.
2. Sometimes doesn't see the Chromecast. Restarting my phone, the Chromecast and my router doesn't fix it. My phone and Netflix can connect to Chromecast successfully. Chromecast is up to date. Router firmware is up to date and working reliably.
3. Saying the Chromecast is available, but not being able to connect to it. Again, phone and netflix can connect fine.


This post is meant more as a suggestion. Improve the app. Have the developers dig into the code and optimize it. No other apps I have used have the issues that this app does.


I'm on my 30 day trial, and as of now will be cancelling before the trial time is up.

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