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The giant select artists startup page?

The giant select artists startup page?

Hi all users. I'm on android started last weekend and there was this epic page where you can select artists you now and want to follow then is drops in suggested artists to follow aswell. I only got a couple of genres in before I decided to try listening and a really regret it as I can't find where to do that kind of thing again with out individually finding and selecting artists. Please please please is there anyway to get back to that or something similar without reloading a new account probably!? It was an amazing feature and I found loads of artists I knew and loved but wouldn't have thought off. I'd love to go through the whole list at my leisure. Is it available on any other device format after setup. Help please. Spotify has been running Constantly since I set it up and I'm finding more music I love every day just want that Quick find tool available. Thanks
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That artist page only comes up when you use spotify for the first time. Don't worry, spotify will offer artists you might enjoy in other ways.

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