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The new version, syncing local files.

The new version, syncing local files.

I tried to find search and I didn't find this in any of the 1st page problems and as Im about to embark to work, my search-times' limited. If there is a solution to this please post it here and I'll follow the link. If that happens, sorry for the new thread!

So my issue is with syncing local files to new version of the app. I used to be able to simply connect to the wifi that originates from the same box that my tabletop's in (Via wire), but that no longer works. Offline playlists that I had worked just fine, but it didn't download any new ones. I uninstalled and now none work. I believe this is due some sort of glitch in the synch process but I've no idea what to do. I suspect I could always try to move all the files to a laptop connected to actual wifi but that's a loads of work for something I've paid good money for, so Im bit hesitant to start working on a fix if it exists in the actual app.

Having said that, Im off to work. I'll try to check back once I can. 😛

Phone's Samsung Galaxy S2 with all the bells and whistles I can update to it.

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