This Track is Not Available - LG Optimus L9


This Track is Not Available - LG Optimus L9




I just created a new playlist with 20 or so songs and noticed that when I try and download the songs to my SD Card on my phone several of the tracks are grayed out.  When I highlight the track a message pops up at the bottom of my phone's screen saying that the track is not available; what gives?  I'm a Premium member and have been for several months...  I'm not sure what's going on here but is this a common issue?  Is it something someone at Spotify can fix?



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Re: This Track is Not Available - LG Optimus L9

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I have one different track that will not play on my phone. Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons: Spring 1st Mvt., The .   I posted a full description of my problem with that one track in a separate comment titled " One song does not playwhen downloaded..." just over a week ago.  I do not get any message about  it not being available, it just does not play.  Then I have to log off Spotify and relog on to my phone to get any tracks to play.