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Thumbs down isnt working

Thumbs down isnt working

When I thumbs down a song, the app doesn't care.


I can thumbs down the song all day long and it will get played 2 songs later.


Is this normal?


I can tell that the thumbs up SORT OF works, but thumbs down is ridiculously broken.


Very fact, it's so frustrating that I almost always end up using Pandora instead...and I'm a Spotify subscriber.

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I have the same issue.  Thumbs down should mean don't play.  But it keeps on playing the same song.  It is pretty annoying.  Moreover, the song is so out of place from my radio based on a particular artist.  And I have a paid subscription.





That is odd. Can you both try a clean install? NOTE: You will lose all preferences & offline playlists in doing this!

Uninstall the app from Settings - Apps then scroll to the Spotify app and tap on it, then press 'Uninstall' (or any other way you usually uninstall apps).

Once done using a file manager (such as ES File Explorer) make sure that the below folders are deleted (the second one may be still remaining from the older version of Spotify):


Note: - Make sure to check both Emulated/0/ AND the /ext_sd/ locations for these folders as they could be on Internal memory or/and external SD card.

When all folders are removed go to the play store and install the Spotify Music app again (Direct Link).

Official guides for a clean reinstallation here
If using an external sd card to store your cache (Offline Playlists) on Android 4.4.2+ then please read instructions in the thread here: [Android 4.4.2+]Cache on external SD card is possible

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Didnt help at all!!! I'm about ready to cancel Spotify.... (I can download five songs I dont like and hit repeat on my own... I dont need to pay for that!!!!) 

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