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Thumbs up/down went away with update.

Thumbs up/down went away with update.

Why was the thumbs up/down icon removed from radio?  Is there a way to still personalize my radio channels?






 Samsung Galaxy 8

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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It is still showing up on my end. Can you share a screenshot and explain how to reproduce the issue?

Here is a screenshot. I'm listening to a radio station, hit the ^ icon and
turned off driving mode.

I don't see any screenshot.

  1. Here you go.



Any suggestions?


As I can see from your screenshot, you are playing a playlist and not a radio. Check the attached screenshot where I'm playing radio and the thumbs up and down button is there.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Please look at the screenshot again. It says zzward radio at the top. I just now searched another random artist, selected Go To Artist Radio, and the same thing happens.  It basically just makes a playlist called _______ Radio.   So I guess the better question, is why can't I access a radio station any longer? 

Trust me I can completely understand you, but just because the title suggests "Radio" doesn't mean it's a Radio. Look at the new screenshot attached. As you can clearly see that though the name has Radio in it it is basically a playlist.
You can also create a public playlist naming it something Radio and others will have the same misunderstanding. It's not your fault. It is the person's who created the playlist naming it Radio where it is simply a playlist and not a Radio.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Yes I understand that, but as I said previously, when I select "go to artist radio", it just creates/takes me to a playlist called ______ Radio.  Please explain how to get to a radio station. Thank you.

The best way to go to a Radio is in your Spotify App, go to the search section, there you will find a section called Radio, go there and play the radio you want.

Thank you for your help.  I've never had to go there before.  This issue began a few months ago when I updated the app. (I don't do auto updates so I don't know when that update was actually released.) Not sure if this is where you report problems, but the "Go to ____ Radio" button should probably be fixed to how it worked prior to the update. 

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