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Too Many Registered Devices/ Maximum of 3 devices

Too Many Registered Devices/ Maximum of 3 devices



Today i got a random message saying someyhing lile "to many registered devices you have used the maximum of 3  spotify will now delete all music"


It then deleted all saved music and playlists.


I have had this phone for months now so seems unusual however i did put a brand new sim in this device right before this happened and i have been travelling so have had 2 or 3 different sims in the device over the last few months? 


Appreciate your help 


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Hey there!


You can only download music offline via the Spotify app on three devices. 


You can check which devices have music downloaded offline by going to your Account Settings via the link below:


Go to the left side of the page and look for "Offline Devices". There you will be able to edit your devices.


Let me know if this works! 

I think that every time a new SIM is inserted, spotify sees the mobile as a new device. If you go to that offline devices page, you'll probably see the same device appearing three times. Remove all of them then redownload your offline music. After the next SIM switch, go to that page and remove the older device to avoid this problem recurring.

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