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Track Not Available Error

Track Not Available Error

Thanks for looking at my post...


Alright, here is my issue.  I have an HTC OneX phone running android.  I have been a premium member for over a year if not two.  My subscription is current.  I only download tracks over wifi unless I am streaming a track from one of my playlists.  I do not have any personal tracks tied to my account.  When I sync some of my playlists for offline play some of them work and play every song, but some dont.  They say they downloaded all of the tracks and they are all available for offline play.  It doesnt matter if my app is in online mode or set to offline mode some tracks stop playing about 25-30 seconds into the song and post an error saying "Track Not Available".  Again, this does not happen to every playlist and even the ones that are affected, it does not happen to every song.  I dont seem to have an issue if i dont select the playlist to download to the phone but i dont want to have to keep streaming all of my songs and chewing up my data plan for the month.  One of the best features on spotify is that I can download the songs and not have to use data for streaming.


I have already tried logging out and logging back in and have even completed a clean install of the app but the error persists.  This has been happening to me for about 2 months now.  I have verified that there is no current update for my app.


Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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Hey Dollar914, was there ever an answer to your problem? I've been experiencing the same issue for a couple of weeks now, nothing like this has ever happened. I tried all the same things you've tried as well...


Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

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