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Trouble resuming playback after a few hours

Trouble resuming playback after a few hours

Hi there all,


When im done listning to spotify i set the playback on pause and close the app. (it doesnt matter if i kill the app or not) Now lets say if im done working and i want to continue listning to spotify it doens't continue were it has left. Im getting a error measage in the screen that says:  this track is unavailible.

This is very frustrating bacause every time i have to open the app and try to remeber what track i was listning to to continue listning.


Here is a screenshot of the error (screenshot is in dutch: dit nummer is niet beschikbaar translates to this number is unavailible.


If anybody can help thanks in advance, I have tried to search the other help subjects but cant find anything alike.


2014-10-06 18.26.03.png

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This issue has been around for ages and affects some users (myself included). I think it's a way that it's handled by the spotify servers and they just 'forget' the track you were playing.


You could try a clean install to see if that'll help, but I suspect it's something Spotify need to fix at the server end.


Please read the guide linked below for details on getting a completely clean install of the Spotify app. This should be the first step and can help resolve issues such as:

- Black screen on startup
- Offline data not storing on SD card
- Random crashes or FC's
- Track degradation or skipping
- Playlists and tracks no longer available

[GUIDE] First step of troubleshooting - Clean Install

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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