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Trouble with internet connection

Trouble with internet connection






Motorola G6

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Android pie (maybe)


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I'm from Brazil and I have a Motorola G6. I'm having connection problems with songs that is not on my device. If someone send me a song, it keeps reading (green circle) and never plays the music. ever.

If I try to look for some artist or song or album, in the search icon, it keeps doing the same thing.

I pay for premium, but these service is way from premium.  

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Hey @brunomendes80, thanks for writing!


Just to check, we'd like to know if you've tried the following steps:


  • Remove your offline devices from here.
  • Give Spotify a clean reinstall.
  • Switched your device off/on.
  • Check if the app behaves the same on WiFi and mobile connection.

Giving these a try should get everything back to normal.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

I've done these steps.
actually, i do every day. If someone sends me a song, i have to shut off so "search" can find out the song. otherwise, it says that the song do not exist.


and yes, i did re-install





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