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Trying to find a song played - not in recently played

Trying to find a song played - not in recently played




United States



LG Nexus 5x

Operating System

Android 8.1.0


My Question or Issue

I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this, but here goes. I added a few songs to my play que. After they finished, some random songs started playing (from the similar music playlist, I'm guessing.) A song played that I enjoyed. I picked up my phone to hit the thumbs up or add to a playlist, but right as I picked up my phone, the song changed to a new one. I tried hitting back, but it just restarted the current song.


I looked through my recently played and it's not there. I can't seem to find the song that played. I didn't get a chance to look at the song name or the band name. I remember a couple of the bands I had put on to play before that song popped up. I even put those songs in que again to see if that song would randomly play again, but it didn't. 😛


Is there any way to find a song played from the similar music playlist history?


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