Trying to log in with email + pass, prompt concerns facebook

Trying to log in with email + pass, prompt concerns facebook




On both my wife's and my own phone I have similar problems. They're both Android. When I want to sign in, I fill in user + pass and touch 'log in'. It fails and tells me that it's unable to login using Facebook, which I'm actually not.

Please help. If this takes time and/or trouble to solve, I will find an alternative service.


Kind regards,


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Hey @cveng, welcome to the Spotify Community.


This could have multiple reasons. Please let me know:

1. Did you create the accounts with facebook?

2. If not, double check you are using the right login method. There is one for facebook login and a standard login.

3. If yes, standard login is not available and you need to use the facebook login.


I don't know how i created the login but I do no how to get anothers service. This sucks. All I want is to listen to the music, I pay for.


So, did you check both ways?


In fear of being shut out of my own phone, I do not dare to sign out of this mess and risk being unable to re-enter. As for my wife's phone, she's got her own facebook-app.

Somebody must be able to look it up and provide proper help.


Im trying to help you @cveng


It all depends on how you created your account. Created via facebook, use the facebook login, created without facebook, use the standard login.


I'll just go cancel. Easier than this waste of time.


Goodbye for now!

If it's all been a terrible mistake and you've changed your mind, click here to Resubscribe to Premium.

If you'd like to come back to Premium any time in the future, just sign into your account with the same Username and Password and click 'Renew your subscription'.

Bye for now!

I have the same issue. I did not do through Facebook but by email. When I put in my credentials and hit login it says I don't have it set up through Facebook. Every time I hit the green login button it presses the blue login with Facebook button at the top as well. WHY?????


I don't know yet, and I quit being interested as i cancelled my subscription. Don't want to spend another minute trying to figure it out. 

Good luck to you though!

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