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UI elements and text very small on a tablet

UI elements and text very small on a tablet




Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (SM-T320)

Operating System

 Android 7.1.2


My Question or Issue

Since last few updates UI elements and text on my tablet became very small. Now they are in fact smaller than on my phone (see below) with a lot of black unused space. In the past it was exactly opposite because interface scaled properly.


What annoys me additionally is that this interface is even less usable than in a free version, where they have heart icons beside each song so there is at least some use of this enormous blank area. It seems the I'm getting less for more.



EDIT: These are in fact smallest letters in any app on my tablet. Only some very old non mobile pages look like this.

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Hey, @killgore 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Firstly, give a try to this following tip:

  1. Open your Settings
  2. Go on Accessibility
  3. Display
  4. And then change the Font Size and Display Size.

Try it, check if the issue is solved and keep me posted about it.


If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

Best Regards,

LuanSpotify Star
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of course I've tried to manipulate font size, but the issue was it was unproportionally small compared to other applications. So when I made font bigger other applications has LARGE fonts.

Since then I had to reinstall my Android and after this everything works fine. So I don't know if it was something with this version of Spotify or maybe with my Android.


Thank you for your time.

I wish also make this configurable because on my car android head unit is spotify very uncomfortable due to small UI control elements / buttons. Which is shame, I am using spotify here almost nonstop.

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