USB audio out OTG


USB audio out OTG


Has anyone been able to use external DAC such as ifi NanoDsd  or M2 tech

on a tablet such as LG G pad 8.3 verizon  or Dell venue 8 Android ...? I can play other media files from tab or sd using

USB audio recorder pro (paid app).


This should not be this difficut.  Spotify on Tablet seems not support the USB audio out.  I know both tablets have android drivers and hardware capable...


Come on Spotify...Stop worrying about marketing and making more money and support your premium users...!



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Re: USB audio out OTG

This would be a very good update...just make it possible to get connected to usb audioplayer pro

Re: USB audio out OTG

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USB out is not possibly. Several reason's but the main one being to do with the encryption. Only audio out via Bluetooth or the headphones jack s is and will ever be possible.

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Re: USB audio out OTG


USB OTG works fine with Spotify for me with Android 5. Working on both Nexus 10 and Nexus 5 with an OTG cable and Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 DAC.


Re: USB audio out OTG

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This is good to hear, cos i'm experiencing the same problem.   Just bought a Dragonfly 1.2, and using it on HTC M8 (on Android 5.0.1), but can't get it to play through the USB to the DAC.   Frustrating, not sure how to get help, whether to ask Spotify, HTC, Dragonfly etc.


Was there anything that you did to make it work, or just plug and play ?


Re: USB audio out OTG


Bumping this old thread...  I've got a couple of new android phones running Lollipop, and USB OTG audio out works fine when using dedicated media players that support that feature, but have had no luck getting to work from within the Spotify app. USB OTG audio out works fine from my Mac, so I don't think there's any kind of an encryption or DRM issue in play here.


Has anyone had success playing Spotify through an external DAC?

Re: USB audio out OTG


After few tries I finally got it worked on my HTC M8 with Nexum Aqua USB DAC/Amp.


Try these steps and see if you got any luck:

1. unplug the external DAC (Nexum Aqua in my case) from the device (HTC M8 in my case)

2. start playing music in Spotify; music will come out from device's loudspeaker.

3. set Spotify/device volume to mid or low level to avoid sudden burst later on.

4. plug in earphone to the external DAC, and then plug in the DAC to the device while Spotify is still playing.

5. Wait for few seconds, and then music output will switch from device loudspeaker to earphone via DAC.


The steps has to be repeated again everytime when switching the music player from Spotify to others (such as Android default Music Player) and back to Spotify again.


Good Luck!


Re: USB audio out OTG


Just recieved an Audioquest Dragonfly Red.  Spotify works without any fuss.  The sound quality is more exciting and more detailed than with the standard headphone jack.  Two caveats: (1) Android is automatically up-sampling to 96kHz which impacts the sound quality and (2) there are occasional audible glitches.


On the same system, "USB Audio Player PRO" has neither issue.  It has its own USB audio driver.


Spotify Developers - would it be possible to support the USB Audio Player PRO driver on devices with it installed?  That would open up a world of USB DACs.  I hear of another streaming service supporting USB Audio Player PRO.  I bought a DAC with Spotify in mind.  The audio forums suggest others have done so too.  We are the kind of people who enthuse about Spotify to our friends.


Spoitify Users - please support the idea above here.


I previously tried an OPPO HA2 with the same phone.  When using Spotify the OPPO I tried was much more glitchy than the Dragonfly.


Phone: Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)

OS: Android 5.0


Cable: Ugreen Micro USB 3.0 male to USB3.0 female OTG (On-The-Go) flat cable

Re: USB audio out OTG

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I'm using the ifi NanoDsd.

Unfortunately so far I was not able to make it work with spotify.

I'm also using Onkyo HF Player which works fine with my Smasung A5(2016) and the iDSD nano.

So basically the OTG connection works on this mobile.

When connecting the DAC while Spotify runs, the DAC is detected, but there is no sound.


Any idea how to make it work?


Thank you.

Phone: Galaxy A5 (2016))

OS: Android 5.1.1




Re: USB audio out OTG

holgi32Does the Nano iDSD work with the USB Audio Player Pro app? Hence is this idea something you would support?
I would guess your problem is the upsampling in the Android/Samsung USB driver. With the Dragonfly Red DAC I have seen both the Samsung Note 3 and S6 Edge upsamples to the Dragonfly's maximum bit rate (96k). The Nano iDSD supports a much higher bit rate than the Dragonfly (384k) and this may be too much for the USB driver - my phone is not glitch free at 96k let alone 384k.