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Unable to Hide Recently Played Artists

Unable to Hide Recently Played Artists



I'm trying to hide my recently played artists but I can't find any option in the Android preferences, I tried from the mac app as well but when I turn it off in the preferences it keeps turning on again everytime I open the app again.


If somebody could help that would be nice...

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Hello @trock86,


Have you tried going here and making sure the "Show the top artists i've been listening to" is not a green check?

It looks like this when it is disabled:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.00.20 pm.png




Hope this helped 🙂


Likes are appreciated.

If this is your solution please mark it as such. 

Have a great day.

Hello @phan_times,

Do you mean on the web player? I can't find the box or any settings there...

Thank you for you help

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