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Unable to connect to TV with Google Cast

Unable to connect to TV with Google Cast

Hi all,


I have a brand new TV, Philips 55PUS8601, running Android TV (5.1) and supporting Google Cast. Unfortunately my TV doesn't show up in Spotify under "Devices available" on my HTC One M9 Android phone. My other Spotify Connect compatible devices show up and I can cast just fine to the same TV from the same phone from both Youtube and Google Music. The TV also shows up as "ready to cast" in the Google Cast app on the phone.


I have obviously tried to restart both the TV and the phone. I have also tried using both another Android device (an Asus tablet) and my Windows laptop, but the TV still doesn't show up in Spotify. Finally, in desperation I tried connecting the TV to the network using wifi instead of ethernet, but still no go.


And before you ask: Yes, I do have a Spotify Premium account.


Is this a known bug/limitation in Spotify or has anyone managed to successfully connect to a TV running Android TV/Google Cast?






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Recently, a Spotify app for Android TV was released. I simply downloaded it from the Google Play Store on the TV and I can now select my TV for playback from Spotify under "Devices available".

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