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Unable to download certain local files to Android - only when songs were removed?

Unable to download certain local files to Android - only when songs were removed?





United States of America


Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Android 9 Pie


My Question or Issue

I have been attempting to download an album that I have saved as mp3s (Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns by Barely Blind) onto my phone to play using the Spotify Android app. I have the album downloaded via Bandcamp on my computer, and it is imported to Spotify as local files as normal.


However, in the Local Files list, the songs' metadata are not grayed out like my other local files:6ffafcc309


I am then trying to send these songs to my phone to download them there using the method described here , but after I create the playlist on Desktop and then open it on my Android app, the songs are all grayed out (like an unplayable song) and when I turn Download on, it downloads nothing. Any attempt to play the songs results in the playlist playing but the player not activating.


I then tried seeing if the sync process would work with my other local files, specifically the ones that were partially grayed out like above, and they are working just fine. They appear in the playlist like a normal, playable song.


The only difference I can think of between the two types of local files is that Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns was previously on Spotify but was then removed, and the Night Lights album has never been on Spotify.


To test this, I tried removing all my local files from my Spotify, including deleting local-files.bnk in my user folder, and checking to see if Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns still existed in Spotify's system by trying to view the album. I was able to bring up the album despite the fact that it is not listed in the artist page, and should no longer have been detectable via my local files.


Is this what's causing my problem? Is there a way around this roadblock?


Thank you.


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