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Unable to log in. Stuck in loop due to Playstation Music.

Unable to log in. Stuck in loop due to Playstation Music.

In a stunning display of coding brilliance it seems the great minds at Spotify has made it impossible for me to use their Android app. They seem to have accomplished this by throwing an account link question in my face directly after logging in. I input my username and password, press log in and get a full screen prompt asking me to link my account on PlayStation Network. Linking to such an account is impossible since I do not HAVE such an account (I do have a Sony mobile however so perhaps that is the reason they think I have one). Never fear I thought, there is a "not now" (try not ever...) optionm so I happily press that... and it tosses me back to the login screen.


So, in their quest to push new features on me they have now managed to make it so that I can use NONE of their features on my mobile phone. Brilliant.


Anyone have any creative tips on how to circumvent this insanity? Perhaps some helpful user can step in and save their bacon and help them retain a customer? Perhaps someone know of a version before they added this linking feature so I can sideload an earlier version APK?


EDIT: Turned out it was probably a permission issue. Spotify seem like it got stuck in a state where it did not have the permissions it needed, but no prompt was sent up asking for them (Android 6.x granular permissions) and its reaction upon not getting them seems to have been to just boot me back to the login screen.


Reinstalling allowed the prompt to appear as intended and I could get on with enjoying music on my mobile device. And there was much rejoycing.

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