Unable to login to new Spotify Android Update

Unable to login to new Spotify Android Update

HTC Thunderbolt running on VZW network

Android 2.3.4 with HTC Sense 2.1


Running Spotify - downloaded just this morning from Google Play Market



On the login screen, I say No No No to the facebook stuff, just take me to the login


I attempt to login using my Spotify account credentials


The caption changes to 'logging in'

And then nothing happens.


I was running the previous version of the app with no problems on this phone for months. Any ideas? 

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uninstalled the app, re-installed fresh


Login - successful


But it started freaking out as soon as it saw how many playlists it needed to synch. Apparently all the bandwidth & storage previously freely given was rudely kicked to the curb and now I get to start over.


By 'freaking out' I mean it would go to the playlist page, then cycle back to the login screen, then back...say 6-7x in quick sucession.


It seems to be 'OK' now, but I would have hoped for a much nicer upgrade scenario - as in, remember my login info from the previous version of the app and don't make me start over.

I get the screen cycling too. Have to leave the app to sort itself out for a minute after opening it 🙂

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