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Unavailable for listening on

Unavailable for listening on

As shown, it says that spotify is not available for listening on my Le X522. Is there anyway to fix it so I can play it on my phones?

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Hey @ciaralo, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been happening for? Also, what operating systems and Spotify versions are you running on your devices?


Are both devices on the same WiFi? If so, try resetting your network to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.

The same thing has been happening with my PC and Galaxy S9.  My phone can see spotify running on my Windows 7 PC, and Amazon Fire Stick, but the PC can only see the Fire Stick in the devices menu.  The S9 is also in the list on the PC, but is greyed out and says 'Unavailable for Listening' despite the fact that I'm currently listening to the spotify on the phone.  I've completely reinstalled Spotify on both devices, checked the network connection (although I never had issues with this in the past even if devices were on totally separate networks but connected through the internet), etc.  Spotify Connect has worked perfectly for me for years, and I will regularly control music from one point while listening on another.  This has been incredibly frustrating, and honestly decreases Spotify's value for me considerably.

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