Undownload doesn't clear data


Undownload doesn't clear data


Sorry for repeating myself but this issue is dragging from at least 2012 (found several postings with no answer) - after undownloading an album and removing it, the data remains on the external storage card! After a couple of weeks of donwloading and undownloading albums I ended up with more than 5 GB of data in the Spotify folder on the external card. The only solution was to clear data from the Application under Application Manager, but this removes EVERYTHING!


Has anybody at Spotify paid attention to this issue in the last couple of years? Users keep complaining,running out of space and still nothing happens!


Sorry but it is frustrating to find a really cool app like Spotify and having such an elementary issue regarding data storage.


Is anybody aware of a solution/workaround for this problem at this moment?


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I am having the same issue and Spotify support is pretty useless. This is a BASIC MAJOR ISSUE with the APPLICATION!!! Either they don`t understand what`s the problem or coming back with this bulls..t:


Thanks for getting back to us. How are you doing today? 

Thank you for the idea that you've suggest and your feedback. I've sent your email to right people, who will be able to have a look at this for you. 

Please feel free to share it on our ideas board at http://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/idb-p/ideaexchange
You can get other users to show their support by voting on the idea. We’ll keep everyone updated on its status. Maybe your idea could even make it into the app some day!

Have a great day. 😃



My email to them (the last one among of many):


I am trying my best but it seems I am not clear enough...)..you still do not understand what`s the real problem with Spotify mobile application (on Android - at least)..:)
Let me try to explain again with the help of a screenshot this time from the application manager.
What you were referring to is the APP data (35.36Mb)..this is the spotify application data itself...I am talking about the Data (1.06GB) which is the downloaded music.
Spotify support suggestion:
  • Open Spotify in your device
  • Go to More » Settings and select "Clear saved data" It would also be useful to also select 'Clear Cache'
After doing this I lost all my Data (downloaded music) so  APP data (35.36Mb) remained the same whilst Data become 0 GB.
The real problem is here that you cannot "Undownload" a particular playlist or track or album properly, the amount of data remains the same (the music is no longer available offline, but still taking up the space on the phone).
So no music anymore but still waste of space remains on the phone which is a pain with limited storage capacity.
Can you kindly please pass this info to the mobile app developers and ask them to contact me? They will understand what I am trying to tell for sure. They need to modify the software to get this sorted within a new update.
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