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Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped ERROR!!!!!!

Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped ERROR!!!!!!






Acer Tablet

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 I've had Spotify premium for a good while now with no issues. All of sudden I am getting this error which effectively closes Spotify. I uninstalled and installed, clean install and so on... As a last resort I've just done a hard reset on the tablet but to no avail....

Please Please Help!!!!!

Must add that it's working fine on my iPhone and ITouch.....



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Hello and welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having some troubles with the app. What error message are you getting when you open the app? Are you running the latest version of the Android operating system? Keep me posted. 🙂

hi sorry for delay in replying.

i have done a hard reset on the table so it should be up to date.

the error message reads as above. 

spotify just stops and closes down about 20- 30 seconds after opeing. 

seems to work fine offline.

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