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Samsung Galaxy S7


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 Since yesterday there is an unkown device that takes over the control of the streaming. I can switch back to my device but I can listen his playlist then. I can switch back but then the other device takes control again. It seems to be some kind of spanish music I never heard before. First thing I tried is to logout all other devices over the website and changed the password. But the other device always comes back. I tried this now at least three times. I have absoluteley no idea what is going on.

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Somehow it seems that two accounts are connected to the same ID. The foreign playlist shows my id but it is not my playlist. And where does this profile picture in this community come from???

Still have this issue sometimes. Please help

Now I get a HTC Desire device connecting to my Account.  I don't know this device and I tried everything. Changed passwords, logged out all devices over the website. It always comes back and takes over control. This is really not funny!

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