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Update killed battery life

Update killed battery life

Aftrer the latest update (, the app prevents the phone from sleeping/idling, resulting in a massive power drain, even with the screen off. Drained my phone's battery in under an hour, and the battery/processor log showed that it was spoitfy that was using all the power and keeping the processor awake. I could get several hours of play before the update. 

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I've problems with It uses all processing resources itself so my phone's dead in an hour or so. All it needs is to me to log in, restart the phone and after boot it'll use all resources. App version is and I'm on Android KitKat. Previous version did the same thing. It's a shame because I'd like to use Spotify on my phone.

We can escalate this and get it passed over to the developers, I suspect it might be related to Spotify Connect.

If you are having this issue, could you let us know:
- Your android version
- Your Spotify version
- Make and model of device you are using
- What subscription tier you are on (Free/Unlimited/Premium)


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