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Updating my Galaxy S3

Updating my Galaxy S3

Hi Spotify,


I have a premium account and every time I update Spotify on mt Galaxy S3, I loose all my downloaded music!! I then have to re sync my device and download it all again!!


Why is this happening???





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Hi there! That's it possible that you have two accounts and when you connect, Spotify is trying to connect to the other account?

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Hi There,


No, I only have one account. Every time I up date spotify on my android I loose all the downloaded music and I have to download it all again. So apart from paying for data to do the update, I have to pay for the downlaod for the music again!! Not Happy!!!



Can you try to completely reset your installation by following the instructions posted in my signature. I have a feeling some of your config files are correupt. I'd suggest a complete removal then re-installation and hopefully going forwards it should retain your DL music.


Also, a long-shot but do you have some form of cleaning app installed? Something may be detecting the app has been uninstalled (part of the uninstall/install update process) and is clearing the data automatically? I know things like Clean Master have a lot of autmoation features, it may be you have to whitelist the 'Andoid/Data/' folder which contains the downloaded content.

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