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Use SD card for phone with Spotify preinstalled

Use SD card for phone with Spotify preinstalled

Hello everyone,


I am using Spotify Premium on a Sony X Performance phone. The phone came with Spotify preinstalled, meaning I can't deinstall and install it again. I can only disable it.


I'm saying this because my Spotify app can't see my SD card, and the usual suggesred solution is to just reinstall Spotify.


So, what can I do to have the app see my SD card? It really bothers me, because I can't download at Extreme quality otherwise - it takes too much space. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Could you let us know what operating system and Spotify version you're using? Also, is your SD configured as internal or external storage?

Let's try the following:

  1. Remove the SD card from your phone.
  2. Reinstall Spotify but don't open it yet.
  3. Place SD card back into your phone (preferably, after formatting)
  4. Open Spotify.
Let us know if this works for you.

Hey Leonardo and OP I had this with Spotify pre installed on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and the only (but perfect) solution was to reinstall from Google Play Store. I went through a lot of ineffective stuff before doing that but afterwards SD card selectable and still uses perfectly today...

You can change the storage within the app itself. 


Open Spotify

-> Click "Your Library"

-> Scroll down to "Storage"

-> Click "SD Card" 




and you are done! 


Happy 'extreme' downloading

MrDavo |

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Hey @betablue42 just wondering if you disabled the preloaded app first?

Yes Joe (I should have said), I disabled the pre loaded app first.

Thanks for clarifying. I suspected that was the case but just wanted to check 🙂

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