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Use Spotify on Android 4.0.1

Use Spotify on Android 4.0.1

I want to use Spotify on my old device (Android 4.0.1) because the soundsystem we have has an aux cable but you can't plug that in my actual phone, as this only has Bluetooth. I found out that there is Spotify Lite, which is apparently not available in my country (Austria).
Playback in Browser also does not work.
What other options do I have or will I be able to use Spotify Lite soon?
PS: you made it really exhausting to get support (I bet on purpose) .. it almost made me quit Spotify 🙄
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Hi there @lasagnesaurus,

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Currently support for the Spotify app is deprecated on all devices launched in 2016 and before, iOS and Android devices with the app version released before version 7.4.0. This is why you won't be able to access Spotify on your older phone.


At Spotify, we are always working to provide our users with the best possible listening experience. We continuously encourage users to use the latest version of Spotify as it contains the newest features and bug fixes. For more information, see our Support pages. Older versions of the app often have broken or missing features due to their old interface, which cannot support the latest Spotify experience. In addition some of these old apps have security vulnerabilities associated with underlying older technologies. These vulnerabilities are not available on the latest versions of the app and can only be eliminated by shutting down services built with older technologies. 


Regarding Spotify Lite - we don't have official information when the app will be made available in Austria. 


Regarding Customer Support - sorry to hear that you found it difficult to reach out to our customer support teams. As with most online tech services, you can usually get in touch with support via the contact us section.


Hope this answers your questions.

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