Using a smartwatch or fitness tracker to detect tempo while running


Using a smartwatch or fitness tracker to detect tempo while running


Most recently I have been trying to do much more cardio in the gym to try and get fit - and I am considering buying a smartwatch or a fitness tracker for heart rate monitering. My phone is quite bulky and I don't like wearing a running armband as it is uncomfortable and gets very sweaty. I was wondering whether if I were to buy a fitness tracker, that spotify running is able to detect running tempo using the fitness tracker rather than the phone itself (so I don't have to set manual tempos before I run, as my tempos tend to change, or I don't have to run with the phone in my hand while I'm sweating buckets) ?


I would also love the ability to run spotify running directly from a fitness tracker and play wirelessly via bluetooth headphones, eliminating the need for me to take my phone into the gym at all, but I don't think that is possible either?


Look forward to your replies. Thanks.

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't work with smart watches or fitness trackers yet.

Maybe you should suggest it in the ideas section?

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