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Various Spotify App issues recently started

Various Spotify App issues recently started

This was posted to Spotify tech support. I'll post reples here but if anyone else has any bright ideas, I'd welcome them.


Nexus 6 / Android V6 / Spotify


Seeing various problems with the app recently. My colleague at work who also uses spotify on a Samsung Note 3 is having the exact same issues. Many MANY forums and reviews have also said the same thing - if you take a look at your own forums you'll see the same complaints being raised frequently, or even on the app reviews.


Summarised below:

1 - Songs continue playing when headphones unplugged. It also pauses the song when dialing over a bluetooth hands free kit, and starts playing the song again once it finishes dialing. To replicate plug in headphones, hit play, unplug headphones. For in car, start playing and dial a person while the phone is connected to a bluetooth hands free kit.


2 - Random crashing - Spotify will randomly quit and I'll have to re-launch the App. Just start playing spotify (while streaming - not offline) and leave it playing and give it a few hours. At some point it simply quits.


3 - Keeps playing but is removed from the lock screen and notification bar. The only way to pause or resume or interact with spofity is by re-loading the app or going through app history. To replicate start playing a long playlist, go to the home screen, lock the phone, give it half an hour to an hour and unlock phone.


It's worth noting that I have cleared the cache and I have reinstalled Spotify (as have many others) but it does not fix the problem. It's more than a coincidence that both mine and colleagues (very different) phone have started doing the same thing at roughly the same time.


Any assistance greatly received.

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As promised - Quite an impressive response time. At least they're doing something:


Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Spotify. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your music whenever and wherever you want it. We're working on it.

Many thanks for reporting this. Our tech folks are currently looking into it. A fix should be on its way in an upcoming update.

If there are any further questions, please let us know.

Have a wonderful day,


Spotify Customer Support

I hate the waymy spotify is set now, I can't scroll through songs an play what I want. HATE IT!!!!!


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