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Various Spotify issues






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 Firstly, I originally (two days ago) registered on Spotify for the 1 month premium trial (on my laptop)  -  under the username 'RAB'.  When I went to the 'Help' page, and when entering my 'RAB' username it says 'username already taken'.  So, for the sake of getting 'Help' I changed my username on that page to 'RAB6', and again went through the mail confirmation process.  WHY??? Secondly, why isn't my laptop saved playlist not fully functional on my Android mobile phone?  Why did I have to again download the playlists which I've downloaded on my laptop?  Anyway, I again downloaded the bulk of those playlists on my Android device.  Then, after listening for about an hour +, certain playlists (such as Mitski's and Laura Marling's)  were all of a sudden simply no longer functional on offline mode.  Why??

Subsequently I checked on my laptop and everything was fine, but the Android issue is still the same. Can somebody please assist.  I refuse to again download on Android that which I already downloaded.  Why**bleep** from a reputable brand such as Spotify? 



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Hey @RAB6, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Right now, it’s not possible to change your username. It sounds like you created a second account. No worries, you can go here and find the account you want to keep.


Also, you can close the second one to avoid more confusions by following the steps at Hopefully this will help you out.


Take care 🙂

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