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Verizon Galaxy S3 - the trials and tribulations of storage versus streaming

Verizon Galaxy S3 - the trials and tribulations of storage versus streaming

Okay, so here we are in 2014 where space is cheap and our phones have become music players. My 16GB S3 that is used up by mostly Verizon and Samsung bloatware provides a huge amount of cache space for my Spotify music. 200 songs and out of space...


Now don't give me that lie about how Spotify looks for where you have the most space to store their music. My 64GB card is mostly empty so what happened Spotify?


Don't tell me to root my phone because in case no one noticed, Verizon got Congress to pass a law that it is illegal to unlock the bootloader. Then we are now hearing about the wonderful features of KitKat 4.4.2.


Well Bye Bye Spotify. I've had it. Unless you want to pay for my Verizon data plan to stream my music? No, I didn't think so...


This post will probably be deleted. It's what I expect. Thank goodness for Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. This is still America. Oh, that's right, it isn't is it?

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Spotify should store in the location that has most space when it's cache is created, but it won't move files after that if more space becomes available elsewhere. Try removing the Spotify cache from the Spotify Settings menu (with your SD card inserted) and then sync again.

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This doesn't work. It has never worked on my phone. Maybe there is a line of code that goes like this, if you have a 64GB Micro SD card, Spotify writes to the internal drive no matter what...I have tried deleting my cache multiple times and it doesn't work.

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