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Very Strange Account activity help...

Very Strange Account activity help...

Hi All


Very strange one happening to me i am on the "3" UK network and i had free 6 months in 2010-11 and after that i never used it, Then my wife gets a email saying she has 10hrs free spotify a month so i think "I wonder if i have that as well" so i re-download app and have a gander... Now the shock...


My acount say i am a premium member and the last 3 months have had payments payed by "Telia" now i am with "3" UK not Telia and i am now wondering what is going on...


Is "3" partner with Telia and this means "3" have gave me free Spotify when i upgraded in Dec, Only thing is my wife upgraded same time say phone same contract etc etc and she hasnt got this and no payments on her account from Telia





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Hello Craig,

Telia are one of our partners in Europe, while 3 are our mobile partner here in the UK. Sounds like something is getting updated incorrectly. Does your wife's account say "3" at all?
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