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Vibrating between songs and on startup of app

Vibrating between songs and on startup of app

Does anyone know how to disable vibration notifications on Spotify on Android app? Running Android 9 and newest version of Spotify.


I'm looking to disable the haptic function of the notification within the app itself. I would like to keep the playback menu along the top of the screen. I just want the "alert" of the app opening and the "notification" of the next song starting. 

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Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the issue you're having. Could you answer a few questions for me to make the issue clear.

- When is the app exactly vibrating? (when music starts playing, when the app launches etc.)
- Is this behavior also happening with other apps on your phone?


Upon launching, phone will have a short vibration, app will appear at top of screen along notification bar, and then music will begin to stream.

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