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Videos Culture II

Videos Culture II

I've seen screenshots and videos of people that when they play (i think in iphone) the new migo's album Culture II or the playlist Rap Caviar it appears a video with the song, but it doesn't appears to me. that's what i mean (the second video)

Does anyone know how can i do it?

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Its actually pretty easy to do. Go to browse then click on vidoes. After scrolled through the featured shows until you find rap caviar. Then scroll through the vidoes and Migos: Culture II Teaser is there. Hope this helps. Likes are appreciated. If this is the solution please mark it as such.

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Actually easier than that. Just search RapCaviar and click on it. New update in Spotify lets you play videos. Certain albums will be on RapCaviar that you can watch the vidoes to. This is probably the solution actually. Like if you enjoy

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It doesn't appears when i look for it, and in the video i posted it show that it can be done from the album directly.

Yeah I see that. If I had to guess that is the next update for Spotify. Spotify gave it to Migos to show them what it will look like. I am sure it is coming soon. The album for me is like any other album on Spotify. 

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