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Volume LOW?







Samsung Galaxy S9+

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My question is this: Does Spotify in general have less volume than other music apps? The reason why I ask is because yesterday I got a new car stereo installed in my car. The installer demo'ed the system for me before I left and it sounded amazing, clear and loud. He was using Amazon Music for the demo Bluetoothed to my head unit. Well, I left and fired up Spotify on my phone and in order to get the same overall volume that this installer was getting, I have to turn the stereo up twice as high. I haven't messed with equalization settings. The volume on my device for Spotify is set to max. I tried switching the audio levels from "normal" to "loud" and didn't hear any difference. I also turned off the normalization and it still didn't help. 

To put it another way, with Amazon Music set to 20 on my stereo, the bass was enough to rattle my rearview mirror off and tickle my hair. With it set to 20 with Spotify it's no comparison. Super weak. I gotta crank it up to at 40 to get a similar result. Is there any fix for this? I am 99% sure that I am not doing anything wrong as I'm not a newbie to audio in general. 

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Try turning off volume normalizer in settings. What it does is makes all songs the same volume, which makes every song sound more quiet than other music services.