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Volume changes automatically on LG G5

Volume changes automatically on LG G5

Dear community,

I'm using Spotify for years now in the Premium version, but never had this issue before.
When I'm playing music on my LG G5 via Spotify, the music is at a normal volume level, but after some seconds it becomes more quiet, as if I would receive a text message or so. But it stays this way and my mobile is usually in vibrate only mode.
After some time, it becomes loud again, then quiet and so on.

This really annoys me. Is there anybody who has experienced the same problem or knows a solution or the cause of the problem?

Thank you and best regards!
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I have a similar problem on an LG G3. Playback pauses randomly, volume dips then jumps to max. Playback started at max volume while the phone was locked, no way for Play to have been pressed accidently.

I've unistalled and reinstalled spotify, no change.

Dame problem on my g5

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